January to August 2015

Clairvoyant was my first solo show.

Performed at Etcetera Theatre, London and C Venues, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015

Photos by Nick Rutter

Takes the gallery-of-characters solo showcase and stands it on its head, unravelling narratives that become unnervingly realistic ... Seamlessly blending her own text with uncanny physicality, Mackenzie resists going over the top, allowing the simple detail of these lives to produce the big drama – which is how life really is. An absorbing performance where you’ll find technique and emotion in equal measure.
— The Stage
Showcases an impressive range and ability to become different characters... [Her] undeniable skill as a performer keeps the pace pushing along, and her detailed and well-observed character work is really a joy to watch
— Scotsman
An extremely talented character actor... how quickly the audience manages to pick up on what is occurring with the different characters is a testament to the quality of writing and performance. These characters are all recognisable – and become real people.... there is much to come from this accomplished writer/performer.
— Edinburgh Spotlight
Anyone who thinks that acting is not an art needs to see this show. It is rare to see an actor engage an audience so powerfully, with such confidence and self-control... Mackenzie manages to transform herself into a series of characters by whom I am instantly entranced. The text is sharp, funny, and touches on a number of significant themes... uncanny, intense, and brilliantly entertaining.
— FringeReview
An enthralling performer with a charmingly funny show... [a} vivid depiction of her characters feels effortless, transitioning seamlessly and without announcement using just her voice and posture, slipping into and out of some incredibly precise accents. Creating what feels like a series of convincing, but ordinary, individuals, Mackenzie’s characters somehow don’t drift into immediate obscurity, as each reveals themselves to be interesting and amusing.
— Ginger Hibiscus


Perfidious Lion

2016 to 2017

Perfidious Lion was my second solo show.

Performed as part of Etch at The Peckham Pelican, London; Hackney Showroom, London; Underbelly, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016, East Riding Theatre, Yorkshire; Platform Theatre, London; Galway International Arts Festival 2017.

Directed by Oliver Dawe

Sound design by Josh Spear

Photos by Gavin Smart

An outstanding performance. Somehow, despite the stage only being occupied by one person, I’m left with the feeling that I’ve been in the presence of a diverse range of characters... something really magnificent.
— Edinburgh Spotlight
If you are planning to be an actor you’ll have to see this show: it’s a complete masterclass.
— Broadway Baby
A beautifully performed piece - a mastery of the form. We could believe utterly in those present although we could only hear one side... one of the most outstanding performances I have seen.
— UK Theatre Web
This was without question one of the most enjoyable and highest quality one woman shows I have  ever had the pleasure to see... Mackenzie captivates the audience,
— EdFringe.com


Albert Bridge

March 2019

In March I wrote and directed a short film called ‘Albert Bridge’, which is now being edited and all that.

The cast were brilliant, and they were: David Garvey, Eleanor McLoughlin, Mathew Wernham, Luke O’Doherty, Grace Chilton, Stacey Watt, and my heroic niece, Baby Bea.

The crew were also brilliant, and they were: Bálint Molnar (DOP), Lee Viesnik (Sound), Bhavesh Chauhan (AD), Jack Cunliffe (AD).

We filmed it during Storm Gareth and he was cruel or kind to us as he chose. Usually it was very cold.

Photos by Bhavesh Chauhan